Show And Shine

Show and Shine at Modified Live

Covid Update

Please note that the venue has implemented new measures to ensure the event can go ahead with social distancing. It is important that all Covid-19 safety guidelines are followed. Further information will be sent via email to all who are entered. These measures are temporary for this year and we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable show!


Welcome to the Modified Live Show & Shine Competition.

As you may know already, at Modified Live we do things differently to other shows. – and our Show and Shine competition is no exception. We run a fairer and more transparent method of assessing and choosing the prize winners, with no bias towards a particular car care brand. So in a bold and revolutionary move, our Show and Shine competition is judged by a nominated and neutral car club attending the event. Consequently, every car is judged purely on what the members see with no favoritism or hidden agenda.

So, how does the judging work?

Prior to the event we invite attending car clubs to apply to be this year’s hosting judges. They will be nominated ahead of the event and be given clear instructions as to how to go about their duties with a fair and professional approach.

Representatives from the nominated car club will judge the cars throughout the day.

On the day, representatives from the nominated car clubs will judge the cars entered into the Show and Shine competition according to the criteria set-out on the judging sheets and decide on the winners of each category.

Adding to the mix will be the ‘Punter’s Choice’, which is decided by the highest number of votes received from the public.

The competition will take place in the same, single location as previous events. There will be a timetable detailing the schedule for judging and the prize presentations…

Show & Shine

The categories are as follows:

  • Car of the Show
  • Best Custom
  • Best Tuned
  • Best Euro
  • Best Jap
  • Most Inspiring

Trophies for first place in each category will be presented at the event.

Entry in to the competition is free and upon application each entrant will be forwarded a car display pass to enable access into the show and parking in the competition area. An entry ticket for the owner/passengers is still required and can be purchased from the ticketing link here.

Entering is easy, just click the green button, complete the form online, hit ‘submit’ and you’ll be logged-in for the competition. Then, a few days before the event you will receive detailed instructions, your car pass and a timetable.

We look forward to welcoming you to Modified Live and wish you the best of luck in the competition!

Official Event Partners

Venue information

Snetteron Circuit
Norfolk NR16 2JU

Tel: 01953 887303
Email: [email protected]

Car Clubs & Traders

If you are a car club or a trader, we would be delighted to welcome you to Modified Live.

Please use the clubs or trader pages to get signed up for the event.