Club Stands

Information & Booking in Your Club

With priority tickets and dedicated car passes allowing early access and a display area close to the action, make sure your club books up today!

Modified Live embraces the contemporary performance tuning scene and sets out to include all single and multi-marque performance car clubs: from Fords to Ferrari’s – anything modified and cherished is welcome.

Nothing does this better than showcasing your members’ cars. In fact, we don’t believe there’s another show that will have such a vast area of practical, rare and exotic machines on display.

As experienced event organisers, we know nothing makes an owner more proud than hanging out with friends, meeting like-minded people and most importantly, showing off your pride and joy! So, to get your car in front of the performance community and 1000s of fans, make sure you and your club get involved today – and book a space!

During the day we will be celebrating and acknowledging the clubs’ hard work and dedication with a series of prestigious awards:

  • Best presented stand
  • Best selection of cars
  • Biggest club stand
  • Best Collective (collection of cars)

Club Stand Booking Instructions

Here’s how it works: your car club coordinator completes the application form online [the black button below], to express interest and to log your club in our system.

We will then contact the coordinator to provide them with a specific online code that they then forward to members. This email will contain a lot of important information, please read it carefully.

Club members can then visit this website, input the code and their details to register their space on the club stand. [the green button below].

Members will then be added to club stand booking. Based on the final number of cars booked in, we’ll allocate your club with an area of the right size in the right part of the show. It is important that everyone who wishes to be included on your club stand books in through this system before the closure date. There is no need for coordinators to keep updating numbers – members book themselves in. Super easy and hassle free!

The club booking system is fully automated and you can only book your club and members into the show by completing this online form.

Just before the event, our system will then email instructions and vehicle passes direct to each club member booked in – so please make sure you enter a correct and up to date email address.

This system means that for car club coordinators, all you have to do is initially log the club into the event, advise members of the unique code to and let them book themselves in.

All visitors to the event still require an event ticket which must be purchased bought directly from the venue. Please use the ticket link in the header.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Individual exhibits

Not a member of a club, then don’t worry, you can still show your car…

If you have a car you would like to display and are not a member of a club, then you are welcome to join us and will be allocated a space in an area reserved for individual exhibits. To book, please follow this link:

Venue information

Snetteron Circuit
Norfolk NR16 2JU

Tel: 01953 887303
Email: [email protected]

Car Clubs & Traders

If you are a car club or a trader, we would be delighted to welcome you to Modified Live.

Please use the clubs or trader pages to get signed up for the event.